Servant-Leadership: Coaching, not Controlling

The most important aspect of being a servant-leader is the commitment to work for the good of others. This can sometimes be hard to remember when your fellow club members are dragging their feet on a project, or being indecisive about a program. As you continue to develop into your leadership style keep this in mind: Trying to control people won’t bring out their best. Servant-leaders bring out the best in their colleagues by mentoring, engaging, inspiring, and empowering them. A servant-leader should make sure that everyone understands the club or organization’s mission and help members to understand their role in fulfilling it.

As you begin the new semester, be sure to take time to help your fellow club member get onto the same page as you. Be there with the tools that they’ll need to achieve the club goals, and remember that coaching, rather than controlling, is a great way to help develop your colleagues.

Opportunities for your club to become involved in community engagement are coming this semester, so stay tuned!