SMART Goal Setting

Early in the semester, an organization comes together to set goals for their team. They ask themselves, what do we wish to accomplish by the end of the year, and what is a plausible goal for our team? When setting goals, remember to keep it SMART!

Simple & Specific. Remember to keep your goals as simple and clear as possible so everyone will understand and keep them in mind while working toward them.

Measurable. Make your goal measurable. Track the time it took from when you started until when you accomplished the goal. An example is: “We started with $100 and at the end of 3 months, we reached $1,000.” Don’t be afraid to use numbers to measure your success.

Attainable & Accountable. The goal is achievable; it is not an impossible task. Assign tasks to people and hold them accountable both when things go wrong and when things go right.

Realistic & Relevant. The goal falls into the description of our mission statement. It is an important task that we must accomplish and we have the resources to do it.

Timely & Time Bound. Now is the time to set this goal and reach it. We have the time to do it and we’ve set a realistic time frame to achieve our goal. Time management is important!



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