Effective leaders have natural abilities to create and oversee effective groups. However, good leaders also know when it is time to stop leading and start following. As a student organization leader, this is a distinction to begin understanding — a skill you need to cultivate. A true leader knows that is it is important for others to share in leadership roles in order to build up new leaders for upcoming years. Therefore, they don’t try to misuse or overextend their authority, their talents or positions. Learn to distinguish when your leadership is required and when it is not.


  • Set an example, if you are on time and prepared for meetings, others will follow your lead
  • Get control of the situation: if you see members being noisy and disrespectful during meetings, take strong leadership action and get things back on track
  • Encourage others to shine: Don’t hog the limelight


  • Small group discussion: YOU should not be the main attraction
  • Conflict resolution: Show organization members how to resolve their own conflicts rather than doing it for them
  • Greater understanding: Your role involves facilitating connections between people and increasing their awareness




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