Aack! What do I do?

¨ The Question: When asked a question you’re not prepared to answer, it can be awkward. Be honest about what you know and offer to get back to the person who asked.  You’re knowledgeable so, utilize your resources and refer them. Take responsibility and ensure you’re sending them to the right place.

¨ Feeling Pressured: If you’re asked to do something you may feel pressured, especially if asked by an administrator or in front of someone.             Say you’ll get back to them. Later you can talk It over one-on-one, get more information, and agree to do it or gracefully decline.

¨ Programming Saves: Another on the spot moment is when there’s a delay in an event, last-minute change or cancellation. Filling a few minutes may seem feasible. But what happens if the presenter/performer cancels or the equipment’s absent or not working and you need to cover the whole event? It can be a challenging and daunting task. Depending on the topic or activity, there may be a way to save the day:

¨ Use what you have

¨ Utilize resources

¨ Unearth hidden talent

¨ Always have a backup plan

From PaperClip Communications, Inc.


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