Clubs and Organizations: Top Ten Ways to THANK members and keep them MOTIVATED!

From Club Council, February 11th, 2013:

Members are the backbone of any student organization and as such, from time to time, may need extra motivation to stay active and involved. Below are a few tips to keep members excited and motivated:

1) CANCEL a meeting. Give the group time off for good behavior

2) Write a handwritten note to members thanking them for their service.

3) Tie a note to a candy bar and write a note saying something like “sweet job.”

4) Have an end of the semester banquet, pizza party or ice cream social.

5) Put together a slideshow of the year’s events and show it at one of your last meetings.

6) Have a special appreciation day or week for your members.

7) Remind your advisor of jobs that are being done well…ask them to drop a note or email to the person doing such a great job.

8) Post a HUGE thank you in a public area to thank your committee or council for special efforts.

9) Know everyone by name and call them by name!

10) Be creative and think outside of the box. What is your club’s goal or interest? Give prizes or gifts based on the club’s interest.



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