Marketing Your Leadership Skills

From a presentation by Ryan Mooney, Assistant Director of Career Development at Chestnut Hill College:


In today’s job market, understanding and marketing your own transferable skills is essential for nailing an interview or writing a great cover letter. So what are transferable skills exactly? Transferable skills are skills that you can acquire in any setting (sports team, club/organization, classroom) that can be applied and used in different settings. For example, if you are the president of SGA and use things like communication and organization on a regular basis, you can take those skills and use them in an arrange of fields like Public Relations, Event Planning etc. . Communication and organization are two examples of transferable skills that you may learn here and use in life beyond CHC.

So now you may be wondering how do you know what skills you’ve gained. There are a few easy ways to develop a list of skills/experiences that you can take with you on job interviews and put on resumes and cover letters. 1) Take a Transferable Skills Inventory Assessment (One example: It is important to not only think of the skills you possess, but also examples of how you’ve used that skill. 2) Think about your job functions for each of the roles you play on campus. Do you…organize meetings? Delegate or assign duties? Manage a budget? Plan events? Collaborate with a committee? Advertise for upcoming events? Each of these tasks may be excellent talking points for cover letters and interviews.

It is never too early or too late to start thinking about and developing your transferable skills! Visit the Career Development Office (St. Joseph Hall 350) or check out their Blackboard site for tons of great resources!



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