Servant-Leadership: Unleashing the Energy and Intelligence of Others

During your time in college thus far you have probably needed to work in a group at least once. Whether it be on a group project, in a club, or on a team- you have had some exposure to group work. Some people dread the idea of needing to rely on others to complete part of the required task. Here is a bit of advice for this type of person: take a deep breath, and remember that by stepping back you’re empowering others.

After coaching your friends and colleague, a servant-leader helps to unleash the energy and potential of those around them. People need experience making their own decisions, because an occasion may arise when they need to be the leaders, or make decisions that they normally don’t make. Those of you who may be more natural leaders and not always going to be there to help out, so it’s good to let everyone have a turn taking the lead. Remember, it doesn’t make sense to have a lot of people in a club, or on a team but only allow a few use their full potential. Servant-leaders unleash everyone and encourage them to make the maximum contribution they can make to the organization and the people it serves.

Interested in learning more about the community engagement initiatives this semester? Look for us at your upcoming club council meetings!



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